Mark Kavuma

Composer. Musician. Teacher

Kavuma - Digital Download


Kavuma - Digital Download

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Tracklist Credits

  1. Into The Darkness  6:52
  2. Carolina MooN  5:35
  3. Modibo  8:38
  4. Barbar G  6:27
  5. Papa Joe  4:11
  6. Abide With Me  3:45
  7. Church  4:37



Kavuma, the debut album of trumpeter Mark Kavuma, brings together some of the leading young jazz musicians on the UK jazz scene today – Ruben Fox on saxophone, Artie Zaitz on guitar, Reuben James on piano, Conor Chaplin on bass and Kyle Poole on drums as well as renowned saxophonist Mussinghi Brian Edwards.  “Not only a formidable array of talent, but also demonstrating a rock solid understanding of their respective roles,”

The tracks on the album tell the story of Kavuma’s life so far - Kavuma’s first trumpet teacher, Joe Morgan, is acknowledged in ‘Papa Joe’, an early romance is expressed in the poignant ballad ‘Barbar G’ and ‘Carolina Moon’, the 1920’s pop hit Kavuma discovered in a Thelonius Monk box set, is interpreted with a new twist. ‘Church’ captures the ambience of late night hang The Haggerston in East London where Kavuma has perfected his performance style and features Michela Marino Lerman tap dancing.

The Wayne Shorter influenced ‘Into The Darkness’ has developed over time since Kavuma’s teens. “ At the time I wrote it, it was one of those days, just a certain vibe,” says Kavuma . “It was dark, we all have those moments.” The album closes with ʻAbide with Meʼ, an XIX century Christian hymn. “I grew up with church music and a lot of hymns. So a big part of my music has that kind of thing in there somewhere. I heard “Abide with Me” since childhood. Thatʼs the hymn thatʼs embedded in my head.”

Kavuma’s music is original contemporary jazz with historical roots planted deep in American post-bop, blues and African rhythms.  “Music is powerful and knowing that power I see it as my duty to elevate, inspire and spread positivity, love and joy through my music,” concludes Kavuma.